Elderflower-Pancakes for Breakfast

It might not be exactly the kind of recipe the authors of ReWork were talking about, but in keeping with the message of my last post “what are your recipes?” …. I’m posting a recipe here for elderflower pancakes.

I spent the past weekend at a house in the countryside. On Sunday morning, the sun was shining and the whole garden was blooming – including the elderberry bushes.It seemed only natural to make breakfast using something from the garden. Dominik suggested elderflower pancakes. I hadn’t had these since I was a kid and loved the idea!

So, for those of you who don’t know them. Here’s a recipe and some pictures:

  • Ingredients – 4 eggs, 160g flour, 250ml milk, a touch of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, and lots of butter (for frying the pancakes).
  • First beat the eggs, mix them with the sugar and salt, and start adding the flour until you have a stringy dough. Add milk until you have a fluid but thick mixture. The thicker the mixture, the better it will stick to the elderflowers.
  • Now heat up the pan, melt the butter, dip the elderflowers in the dough and fry them up!

Make sure to cut off all of the green stems …. they taste fine but give a strange consistency some don’t like. Ideally you’d have nothing but the flowers left over!

Not only do they look cool, but taste great too!



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