Really interesting interview from AllThingsD with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

Really interesting interview from AllThingsD which was done with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2011. It’s only 17 minutes long, I suggest you watch (it will make you sound S-M-R-T!).

A friend was asking me where I saw Twitter going, and some of what Dick talks about is along those lines (some of it is also things I just didn’t think about). There’s a window closing fairly quickly on what people generally term the “plumbing” of the web. If you think about the Internet as a house, the plumbing or wiring is what makes it habitable and powers the laptop I’m writing this on.

A core set of services exist as the plumbing of the Internet, Google is certainly one of them. Dick talks about Twitter as a platform-agnostic communications tool, with a view to trying to ensure people can discover the content they’re interested in.

There’s potential for Twitter, under that guise, to join the small group of companies considered to be the Internet’s plumbing, but I’d argue its utility beyond the simply superfluous communication sent out into the ether still needs to be more obvious to the masses.

Watch the video (HERE), and then let me know what you think.


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