What do you do? What are your recipes? — What can you tell the world (about you)?


Am currently re-reading some of the parts of “ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever” by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson.

It’s a great book that shows how time and time again in business (and life in general!), the way it “should be done” or “has always been done”  might not be the best way. It is a very fast read with great insights and some smart lessons to be learned, for anyone building a business – or really anyone, period.

Maybe it’s just because these days I’m spending a lot of time developing and promoting new products and services and am thus thinking a lot about how to use social media marketing, but I’ve now read through the three chapters “Emulate Chefs”, “Go Behind the Scenes”, and “Don’t Out-Spend, Out-Teach” several times and found some of the thoughts to be very inspiring.

The general gist is this: You might have a lot to say or one of the best ideas/products in the world, but you won’t get anywhere without telling the world about it – the whole world. BUT whereas traditionally firms (and individuals) have spend large amounts of money doing this, e.g. through advertising and public relations, there are smarter and more effective ways. As Jason and David state:

  • Instead of trying to outspend, outsell, or out-sponsor your competitors, just out-teach them. Individuals and small companies can teach, but bigger competitors can’t (or don’t!). Teaching is your chance to outmaneuver!
  • Emulate famous chefs (who readily share nearly everything that they know, e.g. recipes). They use recipe books, cooking shows, etc… to promote themselves, their restaurant, and/or to build “their” brand!
  • People want to see behind the scenes, and not only the big happenings, but even the daily work that is being performed. Allow your customers to see what you are up to and form a bond with them!
So teach, share your recipes, create an audience — be an evangelist and turn your customers into evangelists.
Ask yourself what you do that you can share, what you’re about, what you can tell the world – because the world will listen!

As Jason and David ask “What is your cookbook?”


Interested in checking out the book? Here’s a link.

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