Go Miniman Go


This one is for all of you out there who, as I did, built whole new worlds (and immersed themselves in them for weeks on end) with nothing more than little plastic building blocks. I’m talking about the kind that required do-it-yourself imagination and skill, not today’s pre-designed sets (although I always wanted to have some of these!).

My parents still have boxes and boxes of Legos, including an entire Lego train system, in the basement – last time a world was created, it filled up a large room!

One day – maybe sooner than later – I will dig out the Legos and rebuild all those worlds and explore many still unknown ones … this video certainly inspires to do so. Oh the memories!

Check out the full story on 30 years of Lego on the GoMinimanGo website.

Or, go vintage with classic Lego commercials (now that’s the “real” Lego!)


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