Finally beginning to move to LEDs! -Philips unveils cool-looking light bulb replacement

by core77


Today at the Lightfair trade show Philips takes the wraps off its new 12-watt EnduraLED light bulb, meant to replace the standard 60-watt incandescent. The form factor of the EnduraLED is similar enough to the standard bulb that it will fit in the same places and fixtures, and the quality of light is designed to be similar, though the EnduraLED draws a fraction of the power and will last some 25 times longer.

Even though most people will rarely see the bulb in un-lit form, we love the futuristic way it looks, from the yellow glaze (presumably to tint the light to what we’re used to) to those cool metallic grooves in the body and bulb surface:


No word on pricing yet, though they mention the bulb will save the average household about $120 throughout its life.



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