The Soccket – A Fun Social Innovation

Amazing ideas that change the world one kick at a time!
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The Soccket – A Fun Social Innovation

The Soccket - A Fun Social Innovation
by Kevin Roberts

Tackling climate change is too important to leave to politicians! It’s a job for the inventors, the innovators, the radical optimists. Because of them, the clean energy revolution is already underway, in big ways and small. I stumbled across this amazing idea, and I wanted to share it with you.

Meet the Soccket, a “fun, portable energy-harvesting energy source in the form of a soccer ball”. That’s right – it is a football that captures the energy of each kick, throw or header to be reused later as a tiny power generator. For each 15 minutes of play, it generates enough energy to power an LED light for three hours.

The Soccket has been trialed successfully in Durban, South Africa – home to this year’s Soccer World Cup, as well as to millions of young people who love nothing more than to kick a ball around, often in communities with not enough safe, reliable sources of energy. The inventors see it as a community builder and public health tool as well as being, well, a soccer ball. They plan to develop a high-end version for sale in the US and Europe. An inspired and inspiring idea!

Image source: ecofriend

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